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$49 Monthly
$129 Quarterly
$229 Half Yearly
$399 Yearly
Crude Oil and Derivatives
Brent Crude WTI Russian Export blend
Istmus (Mexico) Tia Juana Light (Venenzuela) Fateh (Dubai)
Arab Light (Saudi Arabia) Bonny Light (Nigeria) Minas (Indonesia)
Saharan Blend (Algeria) Others
Fuel Oil and Derivatives
Grade No. 1 Grade No. 2 Grade No. 3
Grade No. 4 Grade No. 5 Grade No. 6
MGO (Marine Gas Oil) MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil)
IFO 380 IFO 180 MFO (Mediem Fuel Oil)
LS 380 (Low Sulphur) LS 180 (Low Sulphur) Jet Fuel
Mazut Others Mazut
Petrochemicals and Derivatives
Ethylene Polyethylene Ethanol
Propylene Glycol Acrylic Acid Benzene
Phenol Acetone Bisphenol A
Cyclohexane Adipic Acid Caprolactam
Nitrobenzene Toluene Xylenes
Formaldehyde Methanol Dodecylbenzene
DOP Others
Bitumen and Derivatives
Bitumen 30/40 Bitumen 40/50 Bitumen 60/70
Bitumen 85/100 Bitumen 30/44 Bitumen 100/120
Bitumen R90/15 Bitumen R85/25 Bitumen MC 250
Bitumen Blends Others
Waxes and Derivatives
Paraffin Wax Microcrystalline Wax (MC) Fischer Tropsch Wax (FT)
Polyethylene Wax (PE) Gel Wax Others
Logistics and Derivatives
C & F Agents Shipping Agents Vessel Owners/Operators
Consultants Warehousing Consignment Agents
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